Amersfoort - ICOONtheater

17 October

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Love and compassion – they are the key to a better future. They are not just something reserved for your partner or yourself. Every single person is able to touch so many hearts. Like a stone thrown into a pond, a good deed can create ripples that extend far beyond the initial splash... That is why this fall, Caroline Schmitt and I will be organizing a lie down meditation benefit concert for CliniClowns together with ICOONtheater. During this concert you have the possibility to lie down and let everything wash over you.

Music truly speaks where words fail. A concert can rejuvenate your soul. Research has proven that listening to music relieves pain and reduces stress. It causes a lightness of the spirit... And the effect is even stronger while lying down and meditating.

The concert will take place in the ICOONtheater, a house of culture in the Vathorst district in Amersfoort. Its doors are always open to anyone. It is a place that will make your heart beat faster with art, theatre, and music... The perfect place for this unique collaboration!

Most of the proceeds will be gifted to the CliniClowns, an organization that lets sick and handicapped children and people that suffer from dementia forget their illness. CliniClowns give their world a completely different color, provide a safe environment to express their emotions and make real connections. A little imagination works wonders...

The task of making the actual music befalls Caroline Schmitt. Her angelic piano music is like a journey with peaks and valleys. Sometimes it is confrontational, sometimes it flows. It will never be conventional, but it might give you a glimpse of a place you have never been before. The rich mixture of under- and overtones will help you in your meditation.

The meditation during the concert will be guided by myself. Everything I pass on and share comes from the heart - a source of inner strength, warmth and love - there is only one language that we all speak and understand: the language of love. I look at the body and soul in a holistic way and shares this vision through yoga, meditation, visualization, relaxation and massage. With my healing voice I take you on a journey to deep relaxation.

Visitors are asked to bring their own:

- (Yoga) mat
- Blanket/ sleeping bag
- Pillow (optional)
- Comfortable clothing

The price to enjoy this wonderful concert is €20,00.

The concert starts at 20:00, you’ll be welcomed from 19:30. Signing up in advance is much appreciated. Any leftover tickets can be purchased on the day of the concert.

Visuals by Ralf Silvius CreativeContent.

Amersfoort - ICOONtheater

Date: 17 October
Time: 20:00 - 21:30

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