Let yourself be carries away on the flow of music, listen to your body, connect with your soul and follow your heart... Welcome yourself home, surrender and receive... Sanne and Caroline make your heart dance and bring calmth to your head and body during this extra long Yin Yoga class with live piano.

Nothing stimulates as many regions in your brain as music. Music can have a huge influence on how we feel and behave. Listening to music lowers (physical) stress. Imagine this in combination with the power of Yin yoga!

In Yin yoga positions are held longer. You do not use your body to get into a position, but use the position to feel your body better. It is a quiet form of yoga which allows you to take the time for your body & soul.

Together we achieve deep relaxation in a very special place... in an oasis of green at Balansboerderij het Derde Erf. The hayloft of this biologically dynamic farm harbours studio &Joy. A beautiful, light room with a real piano!

Sanne takes you inwards with her calm and healing voice. Her lessons focus on acceptance, creating a space where you can be yourself and enter into valuable, loving connections.

Caroline's life has always been dominated by two important themes: music and emotion. Her intuitive piano music is like a journey, with peaks and valleys, playful and then back into the depths. Sometimes it is confronting, sometimes it flows. And she would like to share it.

&JOY Amersfoort

Date: Friday, November 29
Time: 19h00 – 21h30

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