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Dear Yogi (ni),

Welcome to my webpage.

"There is only one universal language we all speak and understand – the language of love – And there is only one way to live – live from the heart."

I have been active as an event manager for a certain period of time, and in the field I really experienced how hectic work and life can be. Tranquility and balance give so much more to someone! The pursuit of my actual actions on earth: giving and sharing yoga, meditation and massages. To observe, explore and experience together with Silent Attention.

I strive to incorporate aspects of Chakra yoga, Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, Dru yoga, Nidra yoga, Zen & Mindfulness and Meditation in my teachings. Sometimes (inner) mantras or sounds are present. I also offer massages, as a part of the yoga practice or as a seperate relaxation method. Because it is all about surrendering to relaxation. Relaxation creates more room in the physical and subtle body, where balance and harmony come together.

Yoga has supported me in various stages of my life. In yoga, my love for dance and movement, the outer – and – the spiritual, the inner – come together. Now, I want to share my experience concerning yoga and meditation with as many people as possible.

Because yoga is for everyone!


Sanne Theben Terville


The Intention

The wisdoms that I have so far been able to learn and have been able to pass on
I pass on from my heart –
an inner source of strength, warmth and love.

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Yoga & Meditation

Often the yoga is calm and quiet, sometimes (partly) dynamic and powerful, supported with music (if it’s possible) and we regularly close our eyes.

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Yoga & Women

The yoga will be aimed at women’s bodies, so things like hip openings, lower back and hormonal changes. Apart from that, it’s just nice to be with only women, without men, sometimes!

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Yoga & Massage

Where yoga demands attention, massage gives the body relief. A nice blend of two elements to provide the body with both deep rest and energy. Yoga and massage together allow you to relax the body completely.

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Chair Massages

It is a very practical form of massage, since you do not have to lie down, you can keep your clothes on and no oils are used.
It is specifically designed to increase circulation, making you feel refreshed.

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Join a yoga event! Either in Faro, Portugal - the Algarve is a lovely place for a retreat, yoga and meditation - or in my home country the Netherlands, where I also give lessons, courses or workshops. Don't miss it...

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