Breathe it all in and love it all out

MOOD Massage

16 and 17 January

13 and 14 March

Breathing is natural, an action we don’t often give much thought. As a result, we often forget what impact our way of breathing has on our health. Good, conscious breathing is of great importance for a massage therapist. We gain energy and through breathing. In some languages, the word for breath means the same as soul, life, consciousness, heart and air.

Most people breath shallowly, high in the chest. This can create all kinds of complaints of the physical body. It gives the body a stress signal, which automatically increases muscle tension. The organs do not get enough oxygen to do their job properly. The speed, length, depth, direction and location of the breath tell their own story. As a massage therapist, it really makes sense to first focus on the breath, feel it and move with it. A conscious breath also helps to to stay more more 'in the moment' during the massage.

In this course you learn to assess the breath, to apply different breathing techniques and to integrate breath as a part of your massage.

The contents of the course:

- The importance and the power of breathing and related complaints
- Assessing the breath
- Breathing techniques
- Adjust your massage on the basis of the breath

During this course we will feel the effect of conscious breathing on the body of both massage therapist and client. We learn to assess the breath of the other and ourselves and to adjust our massage accordingly. By breathing, the client and masseur can go on a journey together and make a first connection. This helps build up trust and allows the client to have a deeper experience.


Date: 16 and 17 January // 13 and 14 March
Time: 10:00 - 15:30

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