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Breath is life! Breathing is natural, an action we don’t often give much thought. But why? We often forget what impact our way of breathing has on our health. Think about it for a minute, we can live about 40 days without food and a couple of days without water, but we cannot even go 10 minutes without breathing. Breathing is essential and deserves more attention.

Most people breathe shallowly, high in the chest. As a result, only a small part of the full capacity of the lungs is used. This gives the body a stress signal, which automatically increases muscle tension. This may be bothering you too, do you recognise this? The organs do not get enough oxygen to do their job properly. Sustained superficial breathing can cause all kinds of complaints of the physical body. It's not just the skin, the muscles or certain complaints that give you important information. Breathing plays at least as important a role. The speed, length, depth, direction and location of the breath tell their own story. A conscious breath also helps to stay more focused and is the basis for good mental and physical health.

During these two days, you will not only learn how the respiratory system works, what happens if there is inefficient breathing, but also the effects of balanced breathing and its benefits: e.g. strengthening the immune system or reducing inflammation, stress and tension or supporting and stimulating a healthy lifestyle. You will also experience the effect of different breathing techniques and what it does to the 'mind'. It is difficult to control the mind, to empty the head, but we can control our breath. The breath is in direct connection with the 'mind'. When we slow down the breathing, we also slow down the mind and the head comes to rest. This has a positive effect on the body and physical complaints can decrease as a result.

These are all factors that show that as a massage therapist it is actually quite logical to focus attention on the breath, perhaps even essential.

The contents of the course:

- The functioning of the respiratory system
- The importance and the power of breathing and related complaints
- Assessing the breath
- Applying and experiencing breathing techniques
- The 3 phases method
- Making the breath part of your massage treatment

MOOD Massage

Evening Course
Date: 22, 23, 24 June
Time: 19h00 - 22h00
Weekend course:
Date: 26, 27 June
Time: 10h00 - 15h30
Regular course:
Date: 8, 9 September
Time: 10h00 - 15h30

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