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"There is more wisdom in your body than in the deepest philosophy..." You are the key to self-healing and during this XXL lesson you will forge this key using a unique combination of Qi Cong, Reiki and soothing Yin Yoga. Energy, inspiration, balance, relaxation, awareness ... and especially a lot of loving attention.

The lesson starts with attention to the breath and with the activation of the energy with Qi Cong, a healing movement theory where everything revolves around "Qi": (spiritual) energy, breath, and life force. According to Chinese teachings, every body part or organ contains Qi. The Qi is in balance in a healthy body. The Qi Cong exercises are meant to maintain or restore this balance.

After that, the path of self-healing is further explored with breathing exercises and Reiki that you apply yourself. Attention inside. Reiki, like Qi Cong, is based on the most natural concept of cosmic energy: Qi. We work with the hands, whereby the body, with an assumed form of life energy, is treated. It ensures that shortages of this energy in the body are eliminated so that you are brought back into balance.

The lesson is concluded with relaxing Yin Yoga, a peaceful form of yoga that has a grounding effect and literally gives a feeling of inner peace and more space in the body. In the different yoga postures you receive Reiki, which ensures that energy flows freely through the energy channels and (extra) relaxation is created in the yoga posture in question. This balanced mix of letting go and being present allows the recipient to release tension at a deeper level, releasing blockages on a physical and emotional level.

The lesson is led by Sanne Theben Terville from SanneLoveYoga and with her calm and healing voice she takes you inside to the core, an open space - where you can be yourself and let go of everything. Her lessons revolve around acceptance, creating a space where you can be yourself and enter into valuable, loving connections. She also gives her lessons, massages and coaching with love.

We will gather at Bindi, where there is connection, where everything comes together and everyone can be themselves. Bindi is a beautiful and cozy yoga studio and a daily hotspot for everyone who is connected to yoga and is interested in conscious living.


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