Yoga Massage I

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19 & 20 February

19 & 20 March

Do you love yoga and massage? Or did you join us on the Yoga Massage introduction day and would you like to know, learn and experience more? Yoga and massage can be combined in Yoga Massage, a powerful mix that combines various healing elements to bring the body back into balance and restore or stimulate energy flow. Does this combination intrigue you and would you like to be able to offer it yourself? Then "Yoga Massage I - The world of" is the course for you!

During this course, attention is focused on (Yin) yoga postures and massage techniques and a way to combine them. In addition, it is explained how yoga and massage complement each other and what effects this has on the holistic body. We also discuss and apply stretches and massage, breathing and meditation techniques. "Yoga Massage I - The world of" focuses on the supine position, prone position and sitting position.

Yoga Massage consists of a coordinated combination of yoga, massage, mindfulness and acupressure. Both the masseur and the receiver are constantly moving. The massaged person, in a state of relaxation and presence, is guided into yoga-like stretches and receives a massage with the help of thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet.

The balanced mix of letting go and being present allows the receiver to release tension at a deeper level, eliminating blockages. Movement and conscious relaxation in one - a beautiful mix of two elements that affect both the physical and the emotional.

In short, through Yoga Massage you will be able to:

- Increase flexibility
- Remove blockages and balance your energy flow
- Increase body awareness
- Reduce muscle and joint problems
- Connect with emotions

Amersfoort/ Rotterdam

- 19 & 20 February // 19 & 20 March
Time: 10h00 - 15h30

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