Yoga Massage II

Continue the Flow

MOOD Massage

28 & 29 November

With "Yoga Massage I - The world of" you have laid the foundation to offer Yoga Massage in your own practice. Has Yoga Massage proven to be a nice addition for you so far? Choose to continue the flow!.

This course is a continuation of "Yoga Massage - The world of". Previously learned theory and practice will be further explored. During ‘Yoga Massage II – Continue the flow, you really get to grips with Yoga Massage. Not only technique is important - you really learn to feel and adjust to individual needs so that you can benefit from the healing and relaxing qualities of Yoga Massage even more. Age-old Eastern knowledge is combined with contemporary Western insights to arrive at a holistic approach. Practice makes perfect!

You will learn more about the organs in relation to the elements. In addition, experiences and tips are exchanged. You will combine yoga postures and massage techniques and you will learn how to create a unique sequence based on the elements or any complaints your client has. You learn to attune to the individual needs, complaints and possibilities of the massaged person. The massage techniques are further explored in the lateral position. During this course you will also use the knees to massage.

Nuat Boran, or (Thai) Yoga Massage is originally from India. It has had an important influence on traditional Chinese medicine in the sense that it follows the meridians to apply acupressure. Yoga Massage consists of a coordinated combination of yoga, massage, mindfulness and acupressure. Both the masseur and the receiver are constantly moving. The massaged person, in a state of relaxation and presence, is guided into yoga-like stretches and receives a massage with the help of thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet.

The yoga movements keep/ make the muscles and joints flexible and strong, balance the energy pathways, have a grounding effect and give a feeling of inner peace and more space in the body. The massage ensures that energy flows freely through the energy channels and creates (extra) relaxation in the relevant yoga posture.


Date: Saturday and Sunday 28 & 29 November
Time: 10h00 - 15h30

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