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A massage is always a good idea... Especially now, because it boosts your immune system!

Many people now work from home, sit behind a desk the whole day or take care of their children - sometimes all at once. While this has many advantages, it can also affect your mental and physical wellbeing. For some, it may even lead to more stress and cause physical complaints, especially of the neck, shoulders, back and headache.

Does this sound recognizable to you? Or do you just need a moment for yourself? Take a seat and let me pamper you with a Chair Massage + Infrared therapy session!

A chair massage reduces stress and has great activating and energizing benefits. It is a very practical form of massage during which you keep your clothes on if you prefer. During the massage I also use some Reiki techniques, which helps balance your energy so you feel much better and harmonized after. Infrared therapy enhances and improves circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing. A golden combination!

Stop by on your way to work, during your break or at the end of your day to close it off with a smile, for instance. Also great as a gift!

Price: €35,- (60 min total)

Encontro D'Alma

Date: Various dates
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