The Amazing Evolutionary Human

Birthing the new human & the next octave of love


6 - 11 May

The gratefulness I feel to be able to join the team brought together by the lovely Antonia Albano is immeasurable! I'm so proud that I have been asked to provide the yoga, meditation, energy release & body movement during this spectacular retreat at Casa Fuzetta.

A fun, informative and experiential immersion into Sacred Geometry and what is being called The Next Octave of Love, The Next Octave of Human lead by the inspiring Antonia Albano who's dedicated to expanding the human consciousness. What is sacred geometry? What is conscious creation? Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine? What are the Geometric Technologies of Love and what do these have to do with conscious evolution? You will be offered insights into the Next Octave of Human with an opportunity to embrace a new 'high-tech' human energetic system capable of taking the New Human into and through this next age.

This birthing is brought into being in co-creation with sound masters Gabriella Kapfer and Heather Cowen, who are truly vibrational magicians weaving sound into coherent fields of possibility. And, through yoga/body movement with a skilled yogini, Sanne Theben Terville, we will anchor these vibrations into our new body template.

Are you willing to open the door to the unknown & walk through? If you are a visionary choosing Love as your path, then this is for you!

This 5 day retreat includes amazing programs/ teachings, sound immersion gatherings/concerts, contemplative yoga/body movement, 5 nights spectacular lodging, 5 over-the-top brunches, 5 delicious dinners, funwater taxi to island with lunch at beach restaurant.

Casa Fuzetta

Date: May 6th through May 11th
Time: 16h00 - 20h00

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