Sunday 1 September

Rooftop Sunset Yoga Session & Gathering with healing Soundweaving - by Sanne Theben Terville and Johnny White

After a successful first edition, there will be another Rooftop Sunset Yoga & Gathering on September 1st! We opened this wonderful summer season together, let’s close this sunny period together too…

Missed the first session? Grab your chance to experience the second... It promises to be as wonderful as the first, maybe even more special! Because this time there will be a special guest, Johnny White with his healing music (Kior Sound Healing). Take the plunge and surround yourself with beauty and loving connections of yoga and sounds.

Such moments of beauty and awe can bring people into the present moment and slow down the perception of time… Nature is fuel for the soul... What better way to practice being aware of the present moment than by watching the literal passing of time as the sun sinks below the horizon? Not just the colors of the sun and the sky, but also a weaving of the sounds of nature and enchanting singing bowls will guide you through an oasis of pure blessing!

You are invited to experience this during an extra-long Rooftop Sunset Yoga Session including a Healing Soundbath at a place of spirituality and wonder: Casa Fuzetta - in the heart of the old town Olhão. By taking the time to gaze out into the vast, color-soaked sky, we're empowering ourselves. We will reveal that which is always present in constant silence and recognize this as our own true nature: consciousness, being and peace.

The special magic will take place on the rooftop with breathtaking views around us as we look out across the other rooftops of the city, with the birds overhead and the sea not far from our side...

All the elements blend together as we gather by sunset to immerse ourselves in sharing, mindfulness, yoga, meditation & relaxation with sound to liberate you in body, mind, and spirit.

16h30 - 17h00 Welcoming & Sharing
17h00 - 18h00 Flowing movements - yang yoga
18h00 - 18h30 Breathing break
18h30 - 20h00 Inner peace - yin yoga nidra + soundweaving

During this day you will be guided by Sanne Theben Terville. Sanne’s teachings are all about acceptance, creating a space in which you can fully be yourself. With her healing voice she takes you on a journey to deep relaxation. She loves to bring people together to connect to and their inner selves, to (re)discover their strength and share the love in their hearts.

Johnny White will touch your soul with his ethereal sounds. He is blessed with a special gift and very grateful that he can inspire other people to find their soul mission. Through his sound journey, his music, his energy, he heals himself and empowers other humans to heal themselves as well. It has been amazing for him to discover how sound weaves depending on the kind of energies that are shared between everyone.

Contribution = €25,-

*incl tea, water and healthy snack
*max 20 people

Date: Sunday, September 1st
Time: 16:30 to 20:15

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