Sunday Bliss

Yin Yoga with Live Piano


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As the sun sets on the marvellous Casa Fuzetta, we close our eyes… listen, feel and let go of all attachments as a wave of magical piano music washes over us. It channels the voice of the universe, a higher being… What does it tell you? How about your inner voice, has it found new inspiration?

We are finally able to gather together again, and our vibrations will resonate through the universe like never before!

Yin yoga and meditation will accompany you on an inner journey into a deeper state of being, embracing stillness and harmony during the process. In this state you are extra receptive to the power of music, which can have an enormous influence on how we feel and behave. Allow it to open your heart and transform your mind, reaching a moment of pure bliss…

I’m grateful for the privilege to organise these immersions together with my love, David Fernandes, with whom I have created many wonderful yoga & piano experiences before. His magical piano tones will enchant mind, body and soul to achieve true relaxation and space. I, Sanne, will use my healing voice to guide you on a Yin Yoga and meditation journey to achieve acceptance, creating a space where you can be yourself and enter into valuable, loving connections.

- Guided in English
- Limited spots available

*We will adhere to the applicable Covid-19 regulations. It will be a safe gathering and we will respect the prevention measures. Please do not join the gathering if you have any complaints related to Covid-19
*When you confirmed your participation you will receive an email with more detailed information

Casa Fuzetta

Date: Coming Soon

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