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Live from the Heart


To find the inner strength in yourself by means of yoga, meditation and visualization. To connect body, soul and breath: together they form one entity, in harmony and balance. To observe in silent attentiveness, to experience and explore – Silent Intention. In this way I hope to create real awareness, so that one comes to understanding and ultimately changes in the process of inner and general communication. Something we so desperately need right now in this society. There is only one universal language we all speak and understand – the language of love – And there is only one way to live – live from the heart.

For many years I have been practicing yoga and meditation with passion and I embrace it with my heart. More recently, I have also been providing relaxing and energizing massages. To see the human body in a holistic way and to work according to that view, is part of my life and who I am as a person. The love that it gives me is the essence of life and what I want to convey. Since 2012 I have been sharing my vision in the form of yoga, meditation and massage, and I have taught – Flow Yoga & Meditation – among others in Amsterdam at Puur Studio, Thrive Yoga and at Bindi in Amersfoort (NL), also for companies like Patagonia and KPMG. Besides that I may share the knowledge and experience with people, I also learn a lot from my students. I owe them for where I am today.

From October 2013 untill july 2014 I have been traveling through South America to share my yoga and meditation in Peru – Huanchaco. I have discovered the wonderful people and special energies that nature breathes there. Experiences that make my soul grow even more spiritually. Since I came back to the Netherlands in 2014, I have restarted Yoga & Meditation classes. However, there is more to it than just Yoga & Meditation now, as I also offer therapy and massage.

I often travel to the Algarve, Portugal, for health, warmth and of course to see my love as well... There's where I organise lovely retreats and workshops at various beautiful locations, like Casa Fuzetta a stunning, blissful and tranquil home in the heart of Olhão and heart-warming Casa Danielle in the green valley around Bordeira (PT). The Algarve is a lovely place for yoga & meditation! And.. I am available for organising and initiating projects and events in this area, both private and professional.

There is a legion of possibilities, connecting with the beautiful nature, doing a downward facing dog on the lovely sunny beaches or relaxing and meditating on the rooftop of Casa Fuzetta or in a finely carfted yurt with sweeping views of the Atlantic coastline of Casa Danielle, where I am the resident yoga teacher. I often set up yoga & meditation events or other outdoor activities in beautiful Algarve. You will feel right at home in Portugal! It will be my pleasure to make you feel welcome and provide you a truly authentic and unique experience!

In the Netherlands I give lessons, courses and/or workshops at different studios. I still give workshops at Bindi and I am a teacher at the MOOD Massage Institute (NL). Once in a while, I can also be found at Body & Mind Centre Nandita (NL).

The wisdoms that I have so far been able to learn and have been able to pass on – I get those from sources of inspiration in life on earth and in other dimensions. What I pass onto people around me, I pass on from my heart – an inner source of strength, warmth and love.

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