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Yoga & Women

Dear woman, deep in every woman, there is a primal sound. A sound that only belongs to you. By reconnecting with this voice, many women are able to reconnect with their strength. But how do you find this voice? Is it hidden under fear or perhaps sadness? Or is it entangled in the role of mother, partner, daughter? Sometimes we suppress our voice because we are afraid of its strength. In a Women’s Circle we work from a special and safe setting to (re)discover this primal sound and strength, to celebrate and emphasize it. There is room to relax and fully be ourselves. We make contact with the love in our hearts and our sensuality as a woman with yoga & meditation, stillness, but also movement and dance.

The yoga will be aimed at women’s bodies, so things like hip openings, lower back and hormonal changes. Apart from that, it’s just nice to be with only women, without men, sometimes!

Check out the event page or facebook for the dates on which you are welcome to join the circle of yoga for women.